Warm Up Elbow and Wrist Focus

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  • Video Length:
    5 mins talk through plus 5 mins flow
  • Level: All levels welcome! This workout can be easily tailored to fit the needs of the individual client 
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Course overview
This mini-course is the fourth in our series of specialised warm up sequences for rebounding workouts. Warm up for Elbow and Wrist Focus can be used as a Warm up and Preparation, Cardiorespiratory Endurance and Muscle endurance and strength section (especially when adding light hand weights). It also forms part of the 5 piece puzzle of our ultimate Bound to Bounce workout containing all sequences with full body focus!
Target Area / specialised focus:
The The Elbow and Wrist joints and their mobility and stability.

Join us and explore the possibilities of rebounding exercise while creating awareness around a specific body segment.

What's included?

  • 10 minute video
  • Type: Warm up or Cool Down
  • 5 Minute Talk through
  • 5 Minute Sequence Flow


This elbow and wrist focused warm up session is approximately 10 minutes long. The first half is an in depth talk through of the exercises and movements performed. Use the second half to jump in and flow with me.

What do I need?

A background in movement and a healthy body. A  pilates mat and a good quality spring or bungee rebounder.
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Introduce an elbow and wrist focused warm up flow as part of your rebounding workout. Learn the sequence and add it to any rebounding session. Feel confident that your warm up sequence for elbow and wrist focused exercise is covered!
What you will learn

Outcomes & Benefits

After working through this video you will know a 5 minute choreography sequence including all the movements of the elbow and wrist joints and how each movement flows into the other.
Feel the difference between keeping the elbows stable in one shape while moving the wrists and fingers and allowing movement through the elbows while stabilising the wrists. Breath remains the main driving force behind all these movements.
Use this workout as self practice or include the sequence or parts of it into the rebounding classes you teach.
Experience the benefit of including elbow and wrist mobility and stability exercises in a Bound to Bounce session and feel how valuable it is to move three dimensionally and use the rebounder effectively as a prop. 
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Course contents


Liané Brink

Liané holds a National Diploma in Dance Technology (TUT) and is a certified group fitness (HFPA), Zumba, Rhythm Pilates and Comprehensive Basi Pilates instructor. She has 20 years of experience in the movement industry as a professional dancer, choreographer and fitness trainer.  She also qualified as Rebound instructor through Rebound SA in 2018. 

Bound to Bounce is where years of inspiration and passion amalgamate on one unique platform!
Patrick Jones - Course author
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