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Theo Botha

Founder, Director at Body Intellect Pilates Studio/International Principle Pilates instructor at BASI  

Bound to Bounce (B2B) was born from one of the greatest energies I’ve ever met, Liané Brink. With boundless determination, focus and drive, Liané with her fiery red hair and matching personality has brought to life a course that has changed the lives of so many over the past 24 months of development. I first met Liané as a student on the BASI Pilates Teacher Training course in Pretoria. From the onset, one could sense that she would inspire and motivate many people to move, exercise, and want to become fitter versions of themselves. Having Liané on our team is a source of inspiration and motivation like I’ve never known before. 

Liané joined the Body Intellect team and soon after showed a great interest in the benefits that the rebounder could offer her Pilates clients. She had it spot-on, our Body Intellect clients gravitated towards it, and as expected the benefits of regular rebounding classes started to show - Better circulation, improved cardiovascular output, more energy, and literally the ability to jump out of bed with a BOUNCE. I’m a walking testimony of what B2B can do for you.
As the founder and co-owner of Body Intellect, it is also very gratifying to see how B2B compliments the current offerings at our studio, Body Intellect. Often clients request to add a cardiovascular component to their workout and B2B is just the perfect fit. Based on the 

 fundamentals of Pilates principles and the focus being on quality movement, B2B has proved to be the ultimate compliment to any fitness or movement regimen.
Whether you are a seasoned professional in any fitness or movement discipline or not, B2B is that component that can make your best, even better! It can be added to the offerings of your facility and improve the lives of so many.
B2B with Liané at the steering wheel, brings to the fitness world that balance where anybody at any age can pursue it and reap the uncapped benefits of it. Liané, I wish you and the undeniable growth of B2B only the best going forward. I’m excited to see what the future brings and how you and B2B will flourish and change lives!
Yours sincerely,
Theo Botha

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